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      A multi agency project funded by US EPA's STAR Program

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Welcome to the Great Lakes Environmental Indicators Project

A research effort to develop an integrated set of environmental indicators that can be used to assess the condition of the coastal margins of the Great Lakes.

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Directed by scientists at the Natural Resources Research Institute at the University of Minnesota Duluth, the GLEI project is a cooperative effort among scientists from eight universities around the Great Lakes, Minnesota Sea Grant, and the U.S. EPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division in Duluth, Minnesota, and Grosse Ile, Michigan.

The EPA STAR EaGLe Initiative:
Funding is provided by a grant through the EPA's Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program. STAR's Estuarine and Great Lakes (EaGLe) coastal indicators initiative provides funding to develop the science required to monitor the major U.S. coastlines: the Great Lakes and the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts. STAR EaGLe program overview

Download the EaGLe Summary Report (3 Mb PDF file)

Harmonizing indicators reference list link (GLNPO-refs)