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      A multi agency project funded by US EPA's STAR Program
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Project Goals and Objectives

Goal: To develop an integrated set of environmental indicators that can be used to assess the condition of the coastal margins of all five Great Lakes.
Research question: "What environmental indicators can be developed to efficiently, economically, and effectively measure and monitor the condition, integrity, and long-term sustainability of the Great Lakes coastal margins?"


1. Identify environmental indicators of the condition, integrity, and change of the ecosystems within the Great Lakes coastal margins.

2. Rigorously test these indicators with a combination of existing data and field data to link stressors with environmental indicators.

3. Recommend a suite of hierarchically-structured indicators useful to the development of informed management strategies.

2001: Pilot study field season
2002-2003: Intensive field work
2004: Data analysis and recommendation of indicators
2005-2006 Outreach - work with SOLEC, GLNPO, state agencies to demonstrate and implement indicators