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Indicators & Monitoring Great Lakes Data
Great Lakes (general)


Great Lakes Agencies Non-Profits & Societies

Indicators and Monitoring

Developing Indicators of US Coastal Ecosystem Condition The EPA STAR EaGLes research program
Atlantic Coast Environmental Indicators Consortium (ACE INC) An EPA STAR EaGLe Center. Developing ecosystem condition indicators for four Atlantic coast estuaries.
Atlantic Slope Consortium (ASC) An EPA STAR EaGLe Center. Developing ecosystem condition indicators for the watersheds draining into the Atlantic coast estuaries.
Consortium for Estuarine Ecoindicator Research for the Gulf of Mexico (CEER-GOM) An EPA STAR EaGLe Center. Developing ecosystem condition indicators for Gulf coast estuaries.
Pacific Estuarine Ecosystem Indicator Research Consortium (PEEIR) An EPA STAR EaGLe Center. Developing ecosystem condition indicators for Pacific coast wetlands.
Great Lakes Indicators of Condition EPA's report on the overall quality of our Great Lakes
Developing Great Lakes indicators SOLEC slide presentation on Great Lakes indicators
EPA's Surf Your Watershed
Learn about the water quality and many other features of your watershed.
EPA's Index of Watershed Indicators Assessment of the water quality in your general area.
EPA's Bioindicators page
How biological indicators are developed and used.
Biological Assessment of Wetlands Workgroup (BAWWG) Developing biological indicators for wetlands. Sponsored by US EPA.
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMAP) An ecological monitoring program designed by the US EPA.
Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (EMAN) Environment Canada's ecological monitoring and assessment network.

Great Lakes (general)

Great Lakes Atlas Fun and fascinating facts about the Great Lakes
Great Lakes Aquarium All-freshwater aquarium featuring Great Lakes fish and ecosystems. Duluth, Minnesota.
Great Lakes Science Center Museum about the science, environmental and technological activities of the Great Lakes Region. Cleveland, Ohio.
Great Lakes Radio Consortium News service about the natural world and the lives of people in the Great Lakes region.
Great Lakes Sea Grant Network Network of colleges working on research, education, and technology transfer for residents of the Great Lakes region.
National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Field Office Devoted to the protection of the Great Lakes ecosystem.
The Nature Conservancy - Great Lakes Devoted to protecting the biodiversity of the Great Lakes ecoregion.
Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center Federal, state, and NPO partnership; exhibits, observation tower, trails. Ashland, Wisconsin.
Great Lakes Commission U.S.-Canadian agency promoting orderly use and conservation of the Great Lakes natural resources.
Great Lakes Information Network   Information link for data, news, and information about the Great Lakes region.
Great Lakes Protection Fund Private nonprofit corporation with an environmental endowment for the improvement of Great Lakes ecosystem health.
International Joint Commission (IJC) U.S.-Canadian Commission established by treaty to find solutions for problems with the Great Lakes.
SOLEC: State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conferences Binational conferences for information exchange about the Great Lakes ecological condition.
USGS Great Lakes background General biological and geological information on the Great Lakes region.

Great Lakes Federal Research and Regulatory Centers

NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab Conducts research on the Great Lakes, especially the open water, offshore areas. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
US EPA Great Lakes National Program Office Located in Chicago, Illinois.
USGS Great Lakes Science Center  Research on the biological resources in the Great Lakes Basin. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
US Army Corps of Engineers, Great Lakes Region
Environment Canada's Great Lakes Program Canadian Federal Great Lakes program. 

Great Lakes Data & Resources

Birds of Lake Huron and the Coastal Zone By Michigan State University Extension Service and Sea Grant.
Flora and Fauna of the Great Lakes: By University of Michigan museum. Includes GL fish
Plants of the coastal zone of Lake Huron By Michigan State University Extension Service and Sea Grant.
Images of the Great Lakes as Seen from Space By Wisconsin Sea Grant.
Great Lakes water levels By the US Army Corp of Engineers.
Great Lakes Geology and Geophysics Data Rescue New bathymetry (depth maps) of the Great Lakes.
Surface Water Temperatures of the Great Lakes By Ohio State University.
Great Lakes AVHRR Imagery Archive Hundreds of temperature & reflectance images of the Great Lakes.
Cornell Hydrology and Conservation mapping project Focusing on New York's Great Lakes coastline.
Episodic Events - Great Lakes Experiment (EEGLE) Lake Michigan turbidity plume images.
USGS Land Use History Project Historical land use information for the Great Lakes region.


Ohio DNR Wetlands Page Fun facts about wetlands
The Metzger Marsh Project Restoration of Metzger Marsh, Lake Erie.
Old Woman Creek Estuary, Ohio Lake Erie; the only Great Lakes wetland in the NERR system.
National Wetlands Inventory Homepage Inventory of wetlands across the whole United States.
SOLEC Great Lakes coastal wetlands information
Summary reports (with pictures) about GL coastal wetlands.

Great Lakes coastal wetlands report summary
(by Minc & Albert)

Classification of Great Lakes coastal wetlands, sponsored by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory.
Wisconsin DNR coastal wetland assessment Assessment and photographs of Wisconsin's Great Lakes coastal wetlands.
Great Lakes Commission Coastal Wetlands Consortium Working to assess the health of Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Part of the Great Lakes Commission, sponsored by US EPA GLNPO.
National Estuarine Research Reserves The NERR system contains one Great Lakes Estuary, Old Woman Creek.
Cowardin wetland classification A standard system for grouping wetlands into categories.

Non-Profits, Conservation Groups, and Societies

International Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) Scientific society for research on large lakes of the world.
Michigan Natural Features Inventory Collects data on Michigan's rarest species, communities and ecosystems.
Saginaw Bay watershed initiative program Working to restore and protect Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron (Michigan).
Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation Canadian non-profit conservation organization.
Georgian Bay association Promoting careful stewardship of the Georgian Bay environment (Lake Huron, Ontario).
North Channel Preservation Society Dedicated to the protection of the Lake Huron North Channel (Georgian Bay, Ontario).