A multi agency project funded by US EPA's STAR Program

Geographic Scope of the GLEI Project

The GLEI project study area covers the United States Great Lakes coastal margins from Grand Portage, Minnesota, to Watertown, New York. Samples are collected primarily along the coastal margin, but sampling may occur inland up to 1 kilometer (about 2/3 mile) for birds; fish, invertebrates, diatoms, and water quality data are also collected in waters 10 to 30 meters (30- 100 feet) deep.

Overview Map NRRI Field Station:  Ely, MN NRRI, UMD, MN Sea Grant, US EPA-MED: Duluth, MN Univ. of Minnesota:  Mpls/St. Paul, MN University of Wisconsin Green Bay:  Green Bay, WI Univ. of Wisconsin: Madison, WI Cornell Univ.:  Ithaca, NY US EPA-MED: Grosse Ile, MI; Univ. of Windsor:  Windsor, ON Univ. of Michigan: Ann Arbor, MI John Caroll Univ.: Cleveland, OH

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